He Believes…

It’s time to believe in the same person God Himself believes in. You are the best advocate on this earth for yourself, no matter what false things others might have said to you in your past. Get to know the Bible and get to know a God who is on your side, Who is on the sidelines cheering you on, and Who is inside you strengthening you for the journey.

He Believes in Me. This was the revelation that finally got me moving in the right direction. For so long the many talents sat latent. In the possession of an inconsistent, undisciplined, and discouraged, albeit gifted and artistic lady, there was little hope that my own dreams could be fulfilled. How many things had I set my hand to and failed? How many addictions could I count? And above all, who on this earth really cared? Since those around me barely seemed to even know I was alive (at times), including those regarded as authoritative by the church’s declaration, how was I supposed to care about my own self? How was I to care enough to write the songs, to perform the music, to let my voice be heard, in more ways than one? To believe that I could do better than engage in addictions, that I could go on to do great things with my life. With no one to believe in me, I was stuck.

This reality finally occurred to me, God believes! Using the Bible, I can prove it! He doesn’t just believe in me, He believes in YOU! He believes that each one of us, of His redeemed children, are capable of more than that which we are currently living out in our day to day lives. He also believes we can be more, not only for Him, or for some church or other institution, we can become better people for the joy and satisfaction it gives us. We can live in Joy and have lives that are abundant, and enjoyable (John 10:10). His Word teaches us this, if we will look closely enough to see it.

The blog which I am beginning today is in support of the book of the same name, “He Believes in Me.” In short, I will discuss the multiple ways that this is true. Our loving, caring, compassionate, forgiving, all knowing and all powerful God believes in us. He is behind us every day of our lives encouraging us to do great things that are in our hearts to do. He is not against our hearts! And of course, let us always remember, if God is for us, who in the world can be against us (Romans 8:31)?

He is beside you every step of the way until you are with Him forever in eternity according to the promise that became yours when you declared that you believe in Him. So put away false doubt, put away fears, put away the sin that does so easily beset you. Do this for the God Who you gave your whole life to, do it for others, and not least of all, do it for YOU! You can be more happy than you realize. You can be free. Starting today, let yourself believe whole-heartedly in the same person in whom God Himself believes!


2 thoughts on “He Believes…

  1. In recent weeks I have had to stop and rethink my Faith in a “what is next” mode. In so doing I have come to realize I don’t see what He sees. I , and now you don’t see our potential. I am now convinced most people don’t see ourselves as He does otherwise we might be out there vigorously and unapologetically sharing the good news. God wants to equip us for that….recently I have begun a journey down this rode. I Believe this is where He wants me. I Believe your book will open many eyes….a book whose time has come. Please let me encourage you to move on this journey knowing prayers are with you. I’m looking forward to watching your journey.. God Bless you Katie Bashlor.


    1. Thank you Scott. Your response means more than you know. I did just start this blog, but have been working on the book for over a year. I truly have come to believe that doing great works on this earth for Him, such as telling others about Him, starts with our getting in touch with His pure, sweet, eternal, and unfailing love for us. Then and only then, how can we help but to serve Him? Thank you again for responding! And thanks for the encouragement!


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