Losing Lamsey

A week after my precious little Lamsey died, I look around this same home she borrowed and miss her so much. The floor is eerily clean, void of all the cat litter I had to sweep up for 10 and a half months while she was my closest companion. Prior to my going to get her, I had lost my cat of 17 years, Nashy, who was my everything. I even wrote a book about her, “A Feline Grace.” But Jubilee, who I nicknamed Lamsey for her curious and very special little meow, would not have been jealous to know she followed someone so wonderful. She was not the jealous type, an odd thing to say about a cat, as they are known for being jealous. She must have been in so much pain. She saw a total of 5 different vets, who all gave different diagnosis, all warning that she should soon be put down. They did little for her. And no one but me discovered that she was completely deaf, which turned out to be a blessing when the irritating dog on the deck next door started barking. Her teeth were the worst any vet had ever seen. Her heart beat extremely fast. Her breathing was heavy. Her walk was increasingly labored, so that she had to sit down in the middle of her short trip to the bathroom, where she liked me to keep a little dish of water which she visited quite frequently. Humorous cat that she was, the other dishes of water I had all around my small apartment would usually be ignored, as if there was somehow something different about them.

Fortunately I toLamsey for blogok several videos of her. In one of my favorites, I played with her, using toys which had been sent as Christmas presents from my oldest niece Gabby. Lamsey’s reflexes were extremely quick, I recalled as I watched the video. Perhaps most extraordinary, she was very happy. In another video I pet her as her sweet little paws hugged my arm. Those videos are worth millions of dollars to me now, as they are the place where I will be able to keep her forever, just like the memories of my Nashy, not only in videos, but in the book I wrote in her honor.

Lamsey, I now recall, was very animated, and so loving, and never complained about her ailments. You would have to be a cat person to know what I mean about cats complaining. They have a way of looking at you and telling you what they think you should do, and letting you know it is your fault when they are unhappy. And because they hold your heart strings, they know they control you, and you will do as they ask, because you are their human slave.

Lamsey never treated me like I owed her anything. When she did make a request, not only was I thrilled that she was asking me for something, she would only ask once. Often I had the video camera out, trying to get that beautiful little meow in repetition. There were a couple mornings when she did wake me up with her “ow. ow. ow. ow.” sound, the only creature on earth who could get away with saying anything at all to me at 6 in the morning. But her pattern was to have no pattern. She only did this a couple times. And then there were the times she meowed “ow. ow. ow. ow.” from the other room, and I knew I had to drop everything to go and comfort her or give her treats, or whatever it was she wanted.

She often picked out a spot to sleep and returned to that same spot religiously for a week or 2 and would theLamsey bunnyn pick out another spot. This was very un-cat-like, and of course, yet one more amusing thing about her. Everything about this cat was so unusual that I will very likely not find it in a cat again, and therefore feel at great loss with her gone. She was the first cat that actually licked my face. She curled her little arms up like a bunny when she laid down to rest, and even died in that same position.

Lamsey on bed b and w

She used to crawl up to the top of the bed where I frequently lay with my laptop perched on my knees as I type, as I am now, and rested her paws on my chest, even getting in the way of my work until I adjusted her. I recall she had the most content look on her face.

Lamsey content

But it is this which brings meLamsey fave 2 comfort, as I look at the videos where I explain things to whoever may be watching later; she came here to spend the last days of her life with me. At first I didn’t know how long that would be. Hoping for a year, and no more, I had 10 ½ months with her. I knew she was happy here with me. I knew she loved me, and appreciated me. The hardest part for me now is the fact that I enjoyed so much being needed by her. I knew that she could see something very special in me which needed to be seen. And in this way God showed me that He could see this in me as well, the caring, loving, person I am rarely granted the opportunity to be.

Like God, a special cat like Lamsey knew my rising up and my lying down, and was acquainted with all my ways. She became a part of me. Her sparkling little eyes, with the one eye somehow damaged, looked at me, knowing me, knowing I wanted to serve her and it was my greatest desire in the moments I was with her to get close to her, to pet her unusually soft toes, to carress her head, and give her treats on demand. It is not only Lamsey who I miss, it is me, and as a result, I am on the look out for my next super special kitty cat. But I refuse, though it may be selfish, to accept any cat who is less special than these extraordinary little angels God has given to be with me, to grow my heart, and hopefully, prayerfully, be with me somehow, in some form, forever in eternity. Such creatures must have originated from God’s thoughtful imagination.

A God so good must somehow also have a plan for their continuance. If every tear is to be wiped away in heaven, does that not also mean I will be reunited with those creatures on earth whom I have loved most?

Jubi Casket


11 thoughts on “Losing Lamsey

    1. Yes..helps to write as I now mourn a kitty..known for only a few days..one night here..sad..may never know whose kitten she was. Do they care. I guess not…little girl needed us sooner…Andy will bury her tomorrow as he has done for many pets throughout his 85 years.


  1. Very moving testament to how close we become to our pets. Yours seems to be an even more special connection to your Nashy and Lamsey. I can understand at many levels as I recently had to send my dog Nikki to “Rainbow Bridge” after 17 years of her constant and at times, hilarious companionship.
    In conclusion, I know you will find another unique kitty that will light up your life once again. I wish you well in your loving search!
    God Bless you Katie and God Bless Nashy and Lamsey.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. The one small caveat is that a space is opened up now in a very loving home for a very special cat in need of food, warmth and lots and lots of love and attention.


  2. God’s creatures know when someone is special and so they pick that person to be their companion. It was like this for Stormie. My wife, Eileen and I went to the Taylor Animal Shelter looking for a kitten. She had an eye on a grey kitten but when Eileen opened the gate, Stormie jumped into her arms. He seemed to tell her that he wanted to go home with us and so it was. God has blessed us with Stormie for 17 years of unimaginable joy that can never be repaid except with providing him with a good home. This blog is a fitting tribute to Lamsey and in the short time you had her she brought you so much joy and happiness. Enjoyed your blog and Thank you for sharing it with others. God will guide you to your next furry companion that will bring you much joy. Until you see Nashy and Lamsey across the Rainbow Bridge.

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    1. I also had Nashy for 17 years. Lamsey was the one who helped me deal with the loss of her, with her comic relief. I wish I would have had her sooner, but then my jealous little Nashy would probably not have tolerated it.


  3. I read your blog and it was a fitting tribute to your beloved Lamsey. The title is so appropriate as God sent you Lamsey as a blessing; To take care of one of his creatures, love her, give her the attention that she deserves. Katie, you are a good Mom. I am sure that God will send you another feline that will capture your heart as Stormie has captured Eileen’s and my hearts. They say special people receive special gifts.

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  4. A Feline Grace is available on Amazon Kindle for just .99 cents. But to any friend who has lost a cat, I will gladly send you a copy if you give me your address on Facebook. I am on Face
    book under “Katie Bashlor.” Thanks.

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