Blog Description

Hello friends,

Welcome to my blog. This website consists of journal entries I have written throughout the year on some of the hard things I have gone through, and how God has given me wisdom and strength through his word to help me overcome them.

This blog is meant to supplement my yet to be released book, “God Believes in You!” which should be out this summer.

Whereas the book will be sort of a “how to,” or “self-help” type of book on applying Scriptures to everyday problems, this blog includes some of my own personal reflections on life, as I seek God to help me overcome during struggles and hardships, on my way to becoming a better person for His kingdom.

On the right where it says “blog entries” there are several entries which I have written over the past few months. Please click to see them.

I hope you enjoy these special writings from my heart! And if you do, please comment in the space below the blog. I would love to hear from you!


Thanks for checking out my blog.

God bless you! MK (Katie) Bashlor


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